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Text based document generation using Python 3

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  • Bugfixes

  • More example/template files

1. Current version

1.1. Tarball

The current version of AsciiDoc3 is


Day of release: 2021-12-15

1.2. rpm / deb Packages


Day of release: 2021-12-15

1.3. PyPI

AsciiDoc3 can be found at


This works with POSIX and also with Windows!
Need more information? See here.

1.4. Gitlab

AsciiDoc3 can be found at

This is the up-to-date repo.

1.5. Docker

AsciiDoc3 can be found at Docker, see here

2. Release Schedule

  • consecutively: adding/completing documentation, erasing typos etc., adding/completing files at

  • AsciiDoc3-3.2.3: 2021-12-15

  • AsciiDoc3-3.2.2: 2021-01-17

  • AsciiDoc3-3.2.1: 2020-09-20

  • AsciiDoc3-3.2.0: 2020-04-16

  • AsciiDoc3-3.1.0: 2019-04-19

  • AsciiDoc3-3.0.3: 2019-01-07

  • AsciiDoc3-3.0.2: 2018-06-15

  • AsciiDoc3-3.0.1: 2018-05-16

  • AsciiDoc3-3.0.1rc: 2018-04-13

You find all versions here.
Do not install outdated versions. Use them only when you know what you are doing!

3. Roadmap

Under development:

  • AsciiDoc3 available as a module python3 -m asciidoc3 (beta)

  • GUI (beta)

4. Changelog

on the way 3.2.4
- warns if image can not be found (already in on - …


  • Python 3.7 required

  • Bugfix: Running under Python 3.10 pip install fails.

  • Files needed for pip on are build with build; see asciidoc3.toml in the repos.


  • Python 3.6 required

  • Bugfix: Adding empty [unfloat-blockmacro] in docbook45.conf to prevent the message
    asciidoc3: WARNING: testcases_docbook45.txt: line 614: missing macro section: [unfloat-blockmacro]

  • Bugfix: Adding empty [unfloat-blockmacro] in docbook51.conf to prevent the message
    asciidoc3: WARNING: testcases_docbook45.txt: line 616: missing macro section: [unfloat-blockmacro]

  • Adding asciidoc3 to the tuple of feasible values of __name__. This is necessary since __name__ == asciidoc3 if dockerized:

  if __name__ in ('__main__', 'asciidoc3.asciidoc3', 'asciidoc3'):
      sys.stderr.write('%s: %s%s' % (self.PROG, msg, os.linesep))

3.2.1 (PyPI files only)

  • Bugfix: (Windows) When Python2 and Python3 are installed and not using venv, asciidoc3_postinstall may fail. FIXED
    GNU/Linux systems are not affected.


  • Full support of DocBook v5.1: ./doc/readme_docbook51.txt

  • Add many files regarding DocBook51: ./doc/-.- and ./tests/data/-.-

  • Updated many files in ./doc

  • Python 3.5 required

  • uses argparse instead of optparse

  • tests: ./tests/ and ./tests/

  • Improve documentation ./doc/userguide.txt =

  • Fix misspellings in various files and documents

  • use "with" for handling files instead of older try/finally pattern.

  • New file ./filters/music/example_music-filter.txt to have a pure example for the test of the standalone music converter

  • added a new path to asciidoc3 when loaded via pip/pypi

  • Removed files ./doc/asciidoc3port.txt ./doc/testsyswin.txt ./doc/asciidoc3port.txt

  • Removed files ./tests/data/deprecated-quotes.txt ./tests/data/oldtables.txt

  • Added new image: ./images/logo_asciidoc3.png

  • Added lang-se.conf lang-ja.conf lang-zh-CN.conf and correspondent files in ./tests/data

  • Renamed ./doc/READMEdoc.txt to ./doc/readme.txt

  • Added ./tests/data/nonvalid_docbook51.txt to present a valid AsciiDoc3 txt-source with non-valid Schematron DocBook51 output.

3.1.0 / 3.0.x

  • Add PyPI support (Windows / GNU/Linux)

  • Drop A-A-P based build system and change to Python3 script

Version AsciiDoc 8.6.9 (2013) was written in Python 2.x
This version was our starting point to migrate towards Python3.

5. Contact

Please do not hesitate to let me know any qestions and comments/bug reports about AsciiDoc3,
mail to info att (sorry, the contact form was switched off due to spam).