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Text based document generation using Python 3

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1. About me

My name is Berthold Gehrke, born in 1961, living in Munich (Germany). I earned a degree in Computer Science (“Diplom Informatik”) in the 1990s (Universities Bonn, Hagen, and Munich).
The very most time I work in the healthcare business. My preferred languages are C, Erlang, and of course Python.
I came in contact with AsciiDoc when working in a publishing company long ago.

2. Contact

There is no contact form any more - the spam …

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3. AsciiDoc3: Donate

AsciiDoc3 is an open source non-profit project, and it will be in the future. I took the AsciiDoc code (GPLv2+) to migrate it to Python3. This wasn’t as easy as expected - I began in 2015, going step by step.
The first public release came out in 2018, but there is much work to do. Look at this abridged TODO-List:

TODO AsciiDoc3
- Build a GUI, (beta)
- Enhance the documentation,
- Tests / unittest,
- Workflow/Plugin for getNicola, (beta)
- Relaunch the website,
- Full/new adding LaTeX-output,
- PyPI,  (done)
- AsciiDoc3 on Windows, (done)
- Plugin for getPelican,  (done)
- Support of DocBook5.1,  (done)
- Dockerize AsciiDoc3,  (done)
- ...
- ...
- (many more)

You can make this happen by pledging an amount each month. We accept contributions from organizations, companies and individuals.

By backing AsciiDoc3, you’re funding my time and allowing me to focus on making this vision a reality.

Please consider funding the AsciiDoc3 project today. Thank you!

Please click on the "DONATE"-button …